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Ken Deal, MBA, Ph.D., CMRP, Fellow PMRS
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marketPOWER executes their studies using the most insightful project design, sophisticated execution procedures and manager-focused reporting.

marketPOWER uses sophisticated marketing, marketing research and marketing modeling to provide significant insights that help organizations build and enhance marketing strategies and to motivate and guide marketing action. Understanding customers' minds through sophisticated market segmentation, targeting and positioning are key services to our clients.

Marketing Research: Methods and Canadian Practice, was published in April 1992 by Prentice-Hall Canada


Services Overview

marketPOWER has extensive experience with electrical and natural gas utilities at the residential, commercial and industrial levels with utilities' business partners. MPR also has years of experience in the wireless communication sector, aviation industry, financial services, automotive parts and service, tourism, government services, health-related topics, pharmaceutical research, clinical trials of medical devices, environmental issues, packaged goods, retail grocery, publishing and others.

Dr. Ken Deal, founder of marketPOWER, is a recognized expert in marketing research and regularly provides expert testimony to the Supreme Court of Ontario, the Federal Court of Canada, the Superior Court of Ontario, and has advised several government departments on strategy and their markets. He presents executive seminars in strategic marketing for private, public and non-profit sectors, in marketing research, multivariate statistical analysis of survey data, marketing strategy, pricing and in other topics.