Our Services

marketPOWER has provided assistance to US and Canadian clients in the electric, natural gas & petroleum sectors:


Market acceptance testing & design of new electricity pricing products (TOU, RTP, Block, One Rate and others)
Customer satisfaction of Residential, Commercial & Industrial customers
Segmentation of Residential, Commercial & Industrial markets
Market potential studies of commercial service offerings
Advertising effectiveness studies
Branding research
Service maintenance studies
Product concept tests
Competitive analysis
HVAC contractor network strategy & research
Dealer network studies


Research to assist with the development of demand response programs for the NYISO Customer retention studies for deregulated competition
Strategic marketing for ancillary products & services
Customer needs post-deregulation.

DSM strategy research and development
Sales inquiry studies

Market expansion studies
Brand loyalty research & marketing
Employee opinion studies
Competitive benchmarking


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About MPR

marketPOWER has extensive experience with electrical and natural gas utilities at the residential, commercial and industrial levels with utilities' business partners.

MPR also has years of experience in the wireless communication sector, aviation industry, financial services, automotive parts and service, tourism, government services, health-related topics, pharmaceutical research, clinical trials of medical devices, environmental issues, packaged goods, retail grocery, publishing and others.







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